Jack, Janet 2 semi hr pvt

This is son and mom. They tried skiing before, and a long time ago. They are not very physical in their everyday lives. Jack plays video games and Janet is an accountant. Mom is a little older than what I would expect to have a 13 year old son, and he’s the middle child. Both are very cautious about their movements. Very slow skiers. Tried to communicate how important turn shape is to our rate of descent and learning to use gravity to our advantage. Mom is actually matching skis in the completion phase. Jack still in a bracing wedge using it more to slow down rather than gravity.

Carrie 1.5

This is a local local of Salida. She is a physical trainer, doing PX90 and a does landing pages for other physical trainers. I would say a level 5 skier. She seems physically fit. Knows body parts and movement terms, so you can say “Dorsey” flexion and she understands it. Actually talked to me about saggital, transverse and frontal planes of movements.

Nick, Tara 2 hr semi pvt

Tara is a previous skier. Nick is a newbie. They recently took group at Echo Mtn in Colorado near Denver. They said it was a horrible experience. They described the snow as icey and only a small area in which to practice. It was a lot of cokesing to get Nick to let the skis slide. Typical poling to go uphill rather than allowing the skis to glide downhill kind of thing. Urggg.

Matt Bryson 2 hr

My first mini and me lesson. Tried to set up reasonable expectations right at the beginning, which would be most focus on Bryson and showing Matt how to help young man develop into a great skier. Bryson is 6 years old. Neither had eye protection which we had to rectify without too much difficulty. Started out on flats of base area rather than go up to Congo/Safari. Boy actually has pretty good motor skills already and can glide on one ski, turn his feet in desired directions. Enthusiastic young man and very proud dad. Dad learned more about being patient and allow son to enjoy himself in the new environment. Dad is a veterinarian. Boy is still in kindergarten. I think he said they are from Pueblo.

My record of ski school lessons,