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Lessons that were assigned to me, or not paid as a “request” private.

Christina AJ 2.0 pvt


Jerry & Jen 3 hr pvt

From Washington, D.C. Jerry is with DOD. Jennifer is an administrator. Jerry has had multiple knee operations. Jen has been over terrained, skis super slow and is in fear. Needed to teach them about turn shape and allowing the skis to seek the fall line rather than poling all the time. Needed to get Jen to not touch the ground with her poles.

Randi 1.5 hr pvt

Randi is a kindergarten teacher. She has snowboarded for a few years and is just getting started with skiing. At the start of the lesson she was in a very wide wedge, slow traverse and wide wedge turn at the edge of the run (Little Joe). Foot to foot balance then turning inside foot.

Abbey & Owen 2 hr pvt

Owen is 8. Abbey is 10. Hockey player and gymnast respectively. They perform those activites at a high level, winning medals and championships. They are from Wisconsin. Dad is John. Needless to say they were both very athletic and capable of movement patterns. In two hours we skied mostly black runs a few blue runs, bumps, a little crud and some steep groomed harder snow. I saw they both skied with a long stiff outside leg during shaping finish phases of their turns. Owen skies were on opposing edges most of the time. His stopping technique was to come in pointed right at the stopping spot in a wedge. His ankles may have been flexed slightly but knees and waist were closed considerably. Abbey was skiing mostly parallel but outside leg was the same straight pushed out and braced against. But they were able to keep up a good rate of decent even in the bumps. I decided my focus would be on adjusting pressure to their outside skis by changing their understanding from pushing the outside ski to balancing over the outside ski. First I asked them how it felt to them to balance on a hockey ice skate or on a balance beam with one foot. Then I positioned ourselves across the fall line on an appropriate incline (groomed black) and demonstrated balancing on outside ski with inside (uphill) ski lifted off the snow. Had them try, made some adjustments in their technique until they could actually do it and asked them to try to remember that feeling and do it while making some smallish to medium tuns on groomed runs. Practice. Once I was observing the appropriate behavior I asked them to keep doing that, but add some leg steering of the inside leg. “Right to go right, left to go left.” I took them to places I thought they would like while we continued to practice this technique. It seemed to work. Owne’s wedge went away. I saw much less bracing against the outside ski that pushed the COM to the inside, and a more upright stance in their general skiing. While practicing we played with hockey stops and how we can use them as hockey skids. In our hard bump run I led them down an easy line asking them to allow their skis to skid sideways.