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Last Tracks 1 hr

Took out 6 instructors and trained to flexion and extension movements and how it relates to other skills. I worked from a fundamentals perspective. I enjoy being able to focus with the help of the 5 fundamentals.


2 hr training am 2 hr training pm

Worked with six pre-hire candidates today. Parrin, Garrett, Brokk, Travis, Zach, and Phil. Good group of candidates. Various levels of skill, but mostly in the level 5-7 range. Most common movement pattern I observed was pressure on back of the skis through out most of their turns. Saw twisting at the hips to twist the skis with a pivot point between tip of the ski and front binding.

1.5 hour morning clinic and 1.0 hour in afternoon

Had three people in my clinic this morning. They are them that do not have a season pass yet and not allowed to ski/ride in uniform with less than a level 2 certification. Paid at trainer rate (group + 20%).
There were 4 in my afternoon clinic. This is the first day on skis this year for most of us, including me. My legs are sore. The snow is so good today, I thought. It’s actually “winter” snow. It skis real good. Getting the feel back in my legs.