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These are paid differently.

Mary, Holden, Marsha, Rich, Tony 3hr Family Private

This is really two families. I think Rich, Mary and Holden were one and Tony and Marsh were the other. These folks were physically challenged, from low elevation, and out of shape. I really needed to adjust my mind-set in this lesson. The main goal was to have a good time and try not to let them get discouraged. Holden quit out of youthful frustration, Mary quit out of fear, and the two men quit out of exhaustion. However, I was able to keep them together for two hours of the three hour lesson. I tried hard not to push them too hard, asked lots of questions about our progress rate and observed carefully signs of frustration or exhaustion while trying to keep the time moving and appear as though I was doing my job. I worked my butt off getting these nice folks ready from getting the skis, putting on boots adjusting clothing etc before we even went outside. Over all I think this was a big success. They got to try skiing out without getting hurt, got some real gliding and wedging in actually doing wedge change ups and even starting to change directions. We also road the Caterpillar and generally avoided disaster. đŸ˜‰ With not feeling well with a chest cold and hardly talking easily, I’d have to say this was one of the hardest lessons I’ve every taught.

Liz, Jess, Misty 3 Hr Family Pvt

This is stepdaughter, daughter and mother from Houston, Texas. It was very cold today. Jessica “Jess”, didn’t want to wear a face covering at first but decided she wanted it about 45 minutes into the lesson. No sports background. Mom is an accountant. They actually made it through 2.5 hours before they couldn’t take anymore. What I’ll remember most about this lesson is how hard it is for students to hear what you have to say if they are uncomfortably cold. Over all we did pretty well learning to glide in a wedge and begin turning using leg rotation. Jess has a very pronounced Q-Angle and immediately tried to wedge with her knees together. I demonstrated for her again pointing how where my knees were in relationship to each other and she was able to correct it right away. After that she excelled, doing better than Liz who seemed to be a little upset about it. I think she believed, as I did, that she was more athletic than Jess. When I asked them to start turning their feet in the direction they wanted to go, she did so in a very aggressive manner even though I had said to do it gently, slowly, a little bit at a time. I mentioned to Misty that Liz seemed to be an over achiever which she exuberently confirmed.

Cathy, Naudia, Layla, Sofia 3 Hour Family pvt

The three girls had had a lesson with Tony M. in early February and Naudia ended up breaking her arm.  Today they were signing up for a family private so they could stay together. Naudia would barely let her skis slide she was so scared. Even in our slower exercises she did not want to let the skis slide. She had a huge wedge and she was practically walking down the hill. The other girls and mom took to it very easily and were making laps while I stayed with Naudia.

Taylor, Eric, Teri, 3 hour family private

These nice folks are from San Jose, CA. Teri actually lives in Colorado Springs right now. Taylor had lessons recently and Teri had learned to ski when she was six. Eric was the only one that didn’t have previous skiing experience. I feel like I went though this 3 hours very methodically, one step at a time. By the end of the lesson we’d skied Rookie. I think skiing this run is quite successful for a never-ever lesson. Eric did well. I think he had his work cut out for him as the girls already had experience. Went through the usual level one routine. Of note however, was that by the end of the lesson I was asking them to balance on one arch while twisting the other foot to make turns. I was able to communicate the degree to which they were to apply those forces. They were making pretty good turns for the first time up Tumbo and skiing Rookie.


Carrie, Allie, Amber, Ian, 3 hour family private

Mom is Carrie, Allie and Amber are twins, Ian is big brother. Dad dropped them off and seemed like he was hesitant to leave. He also showed up very early before the lesson was over near the bottom of Snowflake to watch our progress.

The twins had just turned 10. They were more like 9 year olds with lots of moving about. So part of my goal was to getting ’em to calm down and move less to stay in balance.

Mom seemed terrified. Ian was rarin’ to go. This was really three lessons in one in three hours.