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Received a “group lesson” rate of pay.

Hunter Jeb Buck 3hr Group

These are kids in the mentors program in salida. Biggest thing is getting them to turn and understand turning is how we control our descents. They are currently using wedges to slow down.


Quinten 2.5 hr Tilt Jam

This was a one person group lesson.

Quinten is 11 and a resident of Colorado Springs. He was waiting for the lesson to start at the top of Tilt. Never saw his face. Doesn’t use poles. Went through reading the signs about SMART Style. Mentioned ATML and what it means. Our focus in the parks was the takeoff.  Skied Geno’s Meadow and the natural half pipe off of skier’s left of Never Summer. Did about 3 runs through NS. Ran Pinball at least twice.  360s and 180s and front and rear butters. Leap into switch. Tucking up legs when in the air.

Steve, Jill, Dustin, Tashina 2.5 hour group

Steve and Jill are optometrists in the military. Dustin is 16 and Tashina is in her early 30s. What can I say . . . level one lesson except Tash and Steve had both skied before. Dustin tried to teach himself this morning. Jill was a true never-ever. At first it was Dustin that was struggling so much. Twisting and contorting to try to make his skis turn. I had to work with him a little longer to get him to use both skis evenly in the gravity zone. Jill was watching Steve who was trying to ski direct to parallel and so she was twisting and leaning. I believe she had the idea that she had to dig her edges in to make turns. She’d get a ski high up on edge and it’d track straight while she would twist her shoulders to try and change directions. I almost had to scold her to tell her to not do that anymore. Meanwhile I’m trying to coach Steve to balance over his outside ski more. I can see why Jill would exclaim, “I’m confused.” Also Dustin was confused by my talking too. I think I talked too much in this lesson. It started to go much better when I told them to just follow me.

Sharon Laura grp 2.5

I had seven of these individuals on this day. The two women were Sharon and Laura. The group shot is the Wounded Warriors. I had Suanny, Billy, “D'” Clayton, and David. The WW were actually in better shape than the two women. They were a lot of fun.

Jennifer shadowed this lesson. She helped out a little, but I wanted her to see how I did the lesson rather than try to get help from her. Lesson pretty much went by the book. Afterwards I did try to do a least a little summary for Jen to see how she thought it went and give the opportunity to explain anything I did that she may not have understood. I think one thing she said stood out.
She said she was kind of nervous about standing in front of a group before the lesson, but then as the lesson progressed she said she remembered how fun it could be and she was no longer nervous. It made me wonder if I modeled that for her, or if she had been by herself would she have come to the same conclusion.

Adrian, Linda, and Lisa 2.5 grp

This was my first group lesson of the year. It was assigned as a level 2. I would say that Linda and Adrian we closer to level 3. Lisa a was very fearful because of past failures on skis. What I discovered about her technique is that she was trying to “dig” her inside edges into the snow. After I showed her to ski on flatter skis and to vary the size of her gliding wedge, things started to come together for her. We had an issue with the liftie at the top of the Caterpillar. She had her poles held one in each hand at the top. He called her “hey pretty pink” and proceeded to give her all kinds of firm instructions about how to ride the carpet, how to get off, how to hold her poles, how to slide away from the off ramp. I didn’t hear it all because I was a little ways away waiting for her to join the rest of our group. We probably waited at least a few minutes while the liftie “detained” her. She was polite and waited while he ranted on and on. Finally when she joined us she was in tears. I reported this incident to Boyd and Jack. Ted Champion was a witness.