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Lessons in which I was specifically requested and paid a “request” lesson rate.

Christina and AJ 1.5 Request

img 4087
img 4087

Terry 1.5 R

Today we worked on directional movements. Terry mentioned that he wanted to work on his “up and down” technique, so for most of this lesson we worked on lateral movements and how we move our COM in the direction of travel. Moving toward the apex of our next turn.

Tammy 2 hr request

Tammy is my first guest lesson of the season. Woohoo first lesson is a request! Today we focused on foot to foot pressure. She said she wanted to get back to basics to start the season. That is a great way to start talking and focusing on the fundamentals of skiing. Tammy tends to turn/twist/pivot her skis with her upper body. She also has trouble committing to the new outside ski when she gets a little scared. We began by talking about the body parts we use to change how the ski interacts with the snow. Feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine. Because Tammy tends to use upper body rotation to turn her skis they tend to bend toward the back of both skis especially at the completion of her turns. It would be more ideal if the skis were turned with her feet and legs. In order to do that she needs to have more effective foot to foot weight transfer. [more later]

Jonathan 1.5 hr R

Had Jonathan on monday in a family private with his mom, aunt, older girl cousin and little brother. His mom knew he has potential so she signed him up for a private with me to get him really going. Sure enough, two runs on Snowflake and on up to Rookie. We skied Rookie twice before I saw his mom getting ready to get on the Caterpillar. I grabbed her on our third run up Tumbo and had Jonathan ride by himself while I helped her ride the chair. Turned out well. Mom however was really leaning uphill. They’re skiers now.

Zoe Kennedy 2 hr R

I had a wonderful time Kennedy and Zoe. They are beautiful, delightful young ladies full of life and promise and now adventures in skiing. I hope they enjoyed it too. They really did well with their technique. I can see they will develop along a good path by remembering what I told ’em, “Stand on your outside ski while you flex your inside leg to help shape your turns, because of course, turn shapes is what controls our decent. Now go make smiley faces.” Well at least that’s what I told them we were doing, “in a nut shell.”

Emily 2hr R

img 5925

Checked to see if previous coaching about balancing on the outside ski had taken. It had, somewhat, but needed to be reinforced. Did that on first run. Took it to side slipping on groomed black (Tango). Talked about how being balanced on outside ski can be seen in stance during turn. She was allowing inside shoulder and arm over turn. Decided it was because she is using rotation rather than leg rotation. Tried cowboy turns dragging the poles facing downhill. Then changed it to dragging outside pole from early in the turn. Saw lots more angulation and for some reason better stance through out the turn. Skied mostly black groomed runs today. It pushed her for sure. She even said she was scared. I told her I gave her permission to skid and we decended those kinds of runs under control. Then talked about how skiing is a metaphor for like where we must leave previous turns behind to be able to start a new turn. Must leave the past behind to more into the future. And how resistance to allowing our skis to go down hill between turns makes it much harder. We started saying “weeee” between turns on Mirage. I’d say it was successful. Said it was a great lesson at the end.