Liske 2hr pvt


Terry 1.5 R

Today we worked on directional movements. Terry mentioned that he wanted to work on his “up and down” technique, so for most of this lesson we worked on lateral movements and how we move our COM in the direction of travel. Moving toward the apex of our next turn.

Jerry & Jen 3 hr pvt

From Washington, D.C. Jerry is with DOD. Jennifer is an administrator. Jerry has had multiple knee operations. Jen has been over terrained, skis super slow and is in fear. Needed to teach them about turn shape and allowing the skis to seek the fall line rather than poling all the time. Needed to get Jen to not touch the ground with her poles.

Randi 1.5 hr pvt

Randi is a kindergarten teacher. She has snowboarded for a few years and is just getting started with skiing. At the start of the lesson she was in a very wide wedge, slow traverse and wide wedge turn at the edge of the run (Little Joe). Foot to foot balance then turning inside foot.

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